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Burger Fuel

Learning to make fuel for the human engine

Case study | Burger Fuel | 2017

Burger Fuel had realised the importance of learning and development to support its brand as it grew into far flung corners of the world, the result being an effective and consistent approach, born in New Zealand but taken to the world, just like its burgers.

With this capability, Burger Fuel now has learning and development leadership and the ability to protect and nurture its culture and way of doing things, even when the stores are no longer just around the corner.



(what was the existing and preferred reality)


From a single Auckland store in 1995 to locations in six countries, Burger Fuel has been on a mission to rid the world of bad burgers while having fun and doing good along the way.

It started with a goal to provide the ultimate experience in gourmet burgers, incorporating delicious, fresh, natural ingredients, in an atmosphere as charged as the food. And it’s grown to 88 stores, and counting.

But when you’ve hit the nail on the head with your brand and approach, replicating it to the letter is the next challenge, not just in New Zealand or within a franchise network, but also in different countries.

The Burger Fuel brand culture is based on a certain way of doing things, so in order to grow it was essential this was consistent in every location because if standards were to drop, reputation could suffer along with business.

For Burger Fuel, to maintain quality and to support the essence of its brand, an up to date system was needed, along with access to great learning and development, content and thinking.  It already had extensive operations and training manuals but there was a need to create modern workplace learning tools in order to power its ongoing success and projected growth.



(what tasks were undertaken to solve the problems)


Burger Fuel found its evangelist from within its operations team and appointed one of its experienced area managers to lead the already high performance learning and development team.

But while talented in operations, the new head of Learning and Development was a novice in this specialist area.

This is where they needed the support of the Beyond Performance team, to provide direction, support and coaching during the first 100 days of the appointment.



(how we worked together to implement enduring solutions)


We first took some time to understand what the business needed and how we could support the newly appointed Manager to deliver a world class Learning and Development offering in New Zealand and internationally.

We played a coach and mentor role with a focus on achieving important goals including:

  • Creating a strategy and approach for a Learning and Development system that could be used across different countries and cultures
  • Advice on how to make this intuitive and easy to use so it could help engagement
  • Approaches to consider when developing material, including the use of digital tools and gamification



(what has changed as a result of the project)


The Learning and Development Manager now has a strategy, the personal capability and an operating plan that the business supports, that will deliver an enhanced system wherever there is a Burger Fuel store.

This has helped create a focus on brand consistency and a highly specialised approach to Learning and Development as an important part of the offer for franchisees to buy into.

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