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The Results

Your benefit

Experience the difference

  • Improved business culture and environment: 86% of participants
  • Development plan discussions with managers where none occurred prior: 70% of participants
  • Ability to transfer learning directly into their role: 93% of participants
  • Positive impact on professional development: 95% of participants
  • Improved ability to perform role effectively: 100% of participants
  • Increased job confidence following the learning: 100% of participants

Feedback on our development programme consistently shows an immediate impact on the individual. The follow up data is similarly strong. Around 65% reported that both their confidence and ability to perform their role have improved as a direct result of the learning.

Clients have experienced a swell of engagement by leaders and managers over time: in fact many use our annual programme details to plan their development calendar around our offering.

It doesn't stop there

On-going evaluation allows us to gather data throughout programmes to ensure that we are on track and delivering what is expected at an organisation level. We also measure the effect that the learning has had on each individual at the moment of impact. Our clients normally engage with us over a long period – normally 6-12 months. This allows time for the results to show themselves and influences how we manage and deliver the next step.

Partnering pays off

Most of our clients re-engage our services year after year. Our in-depth knowledge of each business means we deliver greater levels of value as we refine our programmes to closely match their business context.

But don’t just take our word for it – read some of our client case studies or check out the feedback from participants.

Find out how Beyond Performance can help to build the capability of your people to grow your business, call us now.

How we can help

Your business challenges

Beyond Performance specialises in delivering end-to-end organisational development programmes that equip businesses for today while building capability for tomorrow. We partner with you to create learning programmes in the size and shape that give your business most traction. Whether you've identified your performance goal or not, we help you uncover the payback for the business. Here's some challenges you might face that we can help with...


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Beyond Performance programmes promote engagement behind your desired cultural norms by delivering and reinforcing skills and concepts at every level of your business structure - providing exactly the right fuel to create a culture that enables your future.

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The cost of disengagement and employee churn, particularly in your talent group, can have a significant impact on your top and bottom line. Our experts can create specific talent management programmes designed with individual and group needs in mind.

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How well do your teams understand your customer? Improving customer literacy puts employees in a better position to deliver great customer service. They will have more confidence to manage the customer, they'll respond faster, raise satisfaction and increase the likelihood of customers buying your products or services more often.

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Businesses are now expected to be flexible and adaptable without a driving force of what was once known as 'change'. By building organisational resilience and equipping your teams with the right mind set and tools, you can take control of the way your business responds to the ever shifting dynamics of the market.

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Whether you need to inject new thinking into specific processes or your whole business needs a different approach to delivering new products and services, we can help you to analyse and define your capability development needs in relation to the type of innovation that suits your business goals.

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Leadership/management development

For new and senior leaders alike, an accelerated leadership development programme is a sure fire way of having the right skills and knowledge to succeed through your next growth phase. We can pull from our existing framework of content or develop a tailored programme that aligns to your business performance goal.

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Improve financial performance

Most businesses are driven by growth or change goals to improve their financial performance. Our programmes create measurable change aligned to your strategic goals and objectives through the deployment of a learning programme that is informed by our Performance Equation.

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Improve operational results

Found in many shapes and sizes, performance shortfalls often drive action by the business to make change. We can support performance improvement by developing an end-to-end learning programme that directly addresses the challenges you face. Referencing the Performance Equation, we establish and measure progress so we can keep on track.

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