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Creating the right balance of resilience and agility for individuals and organisations

Organisational resilience: start with the individual

Neuroscience has provided some amazing insights into human ability to control thoughts, reactions and responses to threat.  With more and more information available, we are able to leverage the insights and harness them to achieve a personal level of increased performance quickly.  Working with expert facilitators, the BeyondResilience learning programme helps to build organisational resilience, creating agile businesses that are ready to embrace change.  Heavily backed by research, the programme provides a robust platform for change.

The Resilience and Agility mix

Resilience and Agility create organisational resilience and individual performance

At Beyond Performance we believe that creating the right mix of agility and resilience in an organisation is fundamental to delivering performance.  Resilience comes from understanding our own individual responses and developing new strategies and habits when faced with adverse situations.  This mindfulness empowers us to engage more effectively in the workplace and in life generally.  Agility comes from having the right tools, skills and knowledge to do our job well so that we can make the right decisions and take the right actions at the right time.

What's on offer

With the following outcomes on offer, your organisation will always profit from choosing BeyondResilience:

Individual Benefits

  • Better focus and productivity
  • Better organisational skills
  • More engaged, proactive, open-minded and creative
  • More conscious of actions/decision
  • Emotionally and mentally tougher
  • Better coping strategies
  • Increased agility facing challenges

Business Benefits

  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Better decision-making
  • Increased operational agility
  • Greater engagement, focus and alignment

Essential for change

The programme is relevant for all members of your team, from the Exec to the front line.  It is an essential part of your toolkit if you are going through, plan to go through or have just been through, change.  BeyondResilience provides a group approach to a personalised subject that supports self-exploration, development and confidence-building.  From healthy thinking to setting personal goals and action plans; from gaining a sense of clarity and direction to building positive relationships, this can act as a foundation to your journey towards a sustainable learning organisation.

Beyond Performance is proud to partner with BeIntent as part of this programme and each participant in your organisation receives an individual membership to ensure the learning is further embedded.  BeIntent is an online tool and app that is all about the subtle science that makes it easier for you to take control and shape your life into the best you can possibly have.

If you want to build organisational resilience, contact Beyond Performance to see how we can help

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Your business challenges

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Beyond Performance programmes promote engagement behind your desired cultural norms by delivering and reinforcing skills and concepts at every level of your business structure - providing exactly the right fuel to create a culture that enables your future.

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The cost of disengagement and employee churn, particularly in your talent group, can have a significant impact on your top and bottom line. Our experts can create specific talent management programmes designed with individual and group needs in mind.

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How well do your teams understand your customer? Improving customer literacy puts employees in a better position to deliver great customer service. They will have more confidence to manage the customer, they'll respond faster, raise satisfaction and increase the likelihood of customers buying your products or services more often.

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Businesses are now expected to be flexible and adaptable without a driving force of what was once known as 'change'. By building organisational resilience and equipping your teams with the right mind set and tools, you can take control of the way your business responds to the ever shifting dynamics of the market.

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Whether you need to inject new thinking into specific processes or your whole business needs a different approach to delivering new products and services, we can help you to analyse and define your capability development needs in relation to the type of innovation that suits your business goals.

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For new and senior leaders alike, an accelerated leadership development programme is a sure fire way of having the right skills and knowledge to succeed through your next growth phase. We can pull from our existing framework of content or develop a tailored programme that aligns to your business performance goal.

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Most businesses are driven by growth or change goals to improve their financial performance. Our programmes create measurable change aligned to your strategic goals and objectives through the deployment of a learning programme that is informed by our Performance Equation.

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Found in many shapes and sizes, performance shortfalls often drive action by the business to make change. We can support performance improvement by developing an end-to-end learning programme that directly addresses the challenges you face. Referencing the Performance Equation, we establish and measure progress so we can keep on track.

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We're all about designing and delivering responsive, end-to-end learning and development programmes that deliver capability and results today and tomorrow.

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So that we can stay true to our promise of achievement of your performance goal, measurement is central to our way of working.

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Your programme is designed to get people moving in the same direction and involve the whole organisation for faster performance.

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Unlike many other providers, we deliver custom-made content that takes its roots from your unique context and your business performance goal.

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We partner with you to deliver expertise in the size and shape that gives your business most traction.

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By building the capabilities of your people in line with your strategic goals, our programmes put you in the best position to create real business momentum.

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