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Learning delivery methods

Your choice - we can flex

When learning is not embedded and reinforced, we forget around 70% of the content and its’ application within 48 hours. Great learning can only take place when all the components are just right —and this can take some planning.

Beyond Performance goes way beyond simple design and delivery of content.  We focus on ensuring that the needs of each group are accurately identified and then we deliver training solutions using learning delivery methods which directly address those needs.  Learning only turns into business performance when the skills, knowledge or behaviours continue to be evident after the learning activity is over.

Organisation-wide approach

We understand and work with all the different components of learning, so we're probably not what you're looking for if you’re after a 'quick fix' or one-off solution.  We are committed to an organisation-wide approach that grows the whole business at the same time.

We can manage the delivery of your programme end to end or just a part of it.  Making sure that our learning delivery methods cater to all learning styles, we tailor programmes that are future focussed and meet your needs exactly.
Here are just some of the learning delivery methods we employ to deliver excellent learning and development programmes:

Leader Led:

Your people are your best ambassadors and subject matter experts.  At Beyond Performance we believe that internal knowledge should be leveraged as much as possible.  By working with your in-house experts, leaders or upcoming talent, we help them to share their knowledge in the right way.  To be truly effective we believe that it’s important to leave capability behind to enable businesses to continue to grow.  We actively look for ways to develop the skills and abilities of your people to train your people.

Face to face:

Workshops, coaching, mentoring, keynote sessions and other face-to-face opportunities are a great way to learn from internal and external subject matter experts.  We engage with the learner before and after the classroom, and ensure the long tail of embedding the learning becomes part of their way of working.  Wherever practicable and appropriate to the content and your culture, our learning interventions are short, sharp sessions to ensure that you don't have people off the job for long — and to make sure that participants retain the maximum amount of learning.

Blue Sky sessions:

Blue Sky is all about explorative and prompted discussions.  Facilitated by an expert, the audience has the opportunity to discuss and challenge new and known ideas after reading an article, watching a video or researching a topic.  This is an opportunity to explore and challenge existing thinking in a constructive, engaging way.

Digital learning:

Sometimes learning is best delivered via digital platforms.  Large numbers of people can receive and interact with the same content and a virtual learning environment allows people the ultimate flexibility to choose when and where to learn.  E-learning also allows businesses to quickly assess and quantify the level of capability and knowledge within particular teams and is particularly helpful with compliance based content.

Buddy learning:

On the job training and having someone available to provide immediate answers to role-related questions can fast-track the induction of a new employee and the ongoing development of rising stars.  Although this mode of learning has long had a stigma, it can be an extremely effective learning method when applied in the right context and seen more as a mentoring relationship than one of hand-holding.

Mentoring and consulting:

We don’t just stop at the classroom; our specialists can get hands on too.  Through mentoring and consulting sessions, they embed and enhance the learning experience and ensure further alignment with organisational goals.


Often part of our programmes, coaching is a great way of taking what has been learnt in the classroom and supporting the participant to translate it into their workplace.  Our philosophy also requires of us to empower our clients and leave a greater level of capability behind. In this vein, coaching is a skill we actively promote as part of our programmes and engage leaders in the core skills as well as helping coachees understand their role.  We have found that leaders often coach others better when they receive coaching themselves.

Action learning:

We use real business challenges to support the development of skills and knowledge within talent groups, leadership teams, emerging leaders or teams within business units.  Action learning occurs 'on the job', in the classroom, with a project group and with coaches and mentors.  Participants will develop problem-solving, project management and execution skills while implementing the solution to an identified real business challenge.

Learning management system:

At Beyond Performance we have a learning management system that gives learners access to their chosen learning events at any time, providing additional materials, further related reading, e-learning and tools to support their individual development.

Find out how your organisation can benefit from a powerful blend of Beyond Performance learning delivery methods.

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Beyond Performance programmes promote engagement behind your desired cultural norms by delivering and reinforcing skills and concepts at every level of your business structure - providing exactly the right fuel to create a culture that enables your future.

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The cost of disengagement and employee churn, particularly in your talent group, can have a significant impact on your top and bottom line. Our experts can create specific talent management programmes designed with individual and group needs in mind.

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How well do your teams understand your customer? Improving customer literacy puts employees in a better position to deliver great customer service. They will have more confidence to manage the customer, they'll respond faster, raise satisfaction and increase the likelihood of customers buying your products or services more often.

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Businesses are now expected to be flexible and adaptable without a driving force of what was once known as 'change'. By building organisational resilience and equipping your teams with the right mind set and tools, you can take control of the way your business responds to the ever shifting dynamics of the market.

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Whether you need to inject new thinking into specific processes or your whole business needs a different approach to delivering new products and services, we can help you to analyse and define your capability development needs in relation to the type of innovation that suits your business goals.

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For new and senior leaders alike, an accelerated leadership development programme is a sure fire way of having the right skills and knowledge to succeed through your next growth phase. We can pull from our existing framework of content or develop a tailored programme that aligns to your business performance goal.

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Most businesses are driven by growth or change goals to improve their financial performance. Our programmes create measurable change aligned to your strategic goals and objectives through the deployment of a learning programme that is informed by our Performance Equation.

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Found in many shapes and sizes, performance shortfalls often drive action by the business to make change. We can support performance improvement by developing an end-to-end learning programme that directly addresses the challenges you face. Referencing the Performance Equation, we establish and measure progress so we can keep on track.

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